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Will work for food!

muzzleflash a posted Apr 7, 14
First I’d like to congratulate everyone that has the opportunity to join in our raids every week. You are all doing great and we are advancing fast. Thank you.
Now for the business at hand. While every raid member is required to be fully gemmed and enchanted and bring their own flask the Raid Leader supplies as many food buffs as needed. Collecting the cooking mats for these many many banquets and noodle carts take a long time. I would like to ask that if, while you are playing outside of raids, you could deposit any cooking items you find that would help us greatly.

Your Guild needs YOU

Summa ao posted Mar 23, 14

First of all I'd like to say well done and thank you to all who signed and took part in last weeks two ten men normal raids.  Both groups did very well.

But, let's not stop there.  We need more people to sign up for normal runs this week and the weeks that follow if we want to continue with our progress and to reach our ultimate goal of a 25 man raiding guild once again.

We have a raid on Wednesday and Friday and we need people to sign for the day they prefer to raid.  We can't do this on our own. We need you to go to the calendar and sign to show your support.

Let's keep up the good work and effort shown last week.

Pet collectors and fishermen take note -- the wintery months are almost behind us, and with them, the appearance of wintery pets and fish as well. The Snowy Owl, located in Winterspring, will be gone as of March 20 -- the onset of the Spring Equinox out here in the real world. Pet collectors should head to Winterspring now to capture these pets, as they won't be making another appearance until December of this year. This pet is part of the Kalimdor Safari achievement, so if you'd like that Zookeeper title, head to Winterspring and grab an owl of your very own today.

In addition to the Snowy Owl, the sly Winter Squid is also prone to disappearing come spring. For most players, the apparent hibernation of squid won't really amount to anything. However, if you're working on The Oceanographer achievement, you'll want to catch a squid before they disappear until nextwinter. The pesky squid can be fished off the coasts of Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands, Tanaris, Badlands, the Cape of Stranglethorn, and also around Sunken Temple.

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Raid awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill

Volumes have been written on how to do good DPS, healing, or tanking. If you raid or want to raid at an intermediate or high level, I imagine you have long immersed yourself in that discourse already. But most important, I suspect, is a widespread impression that I hope to refute in this post: that your awareness and survivability in raids is a part of who you are as player and cannot be changed.

You Are Your DPW: Deaths Per Week

"You guys keep dying in the shadow realm. I don’t die in the shadow realm. You just need to play better. That’s my current assessment of the strategy.”


The MVP(Most Valuble Player) of your raid group isn't the person at the top of the DPS meter; it’s the person who hasn't died by standing in fire in 3 months. Doing elite DPS is rare, but doing quite good DPS is somewhat common. A player who does quite good DPS and dies regularly to avoidable mechanics is nothing special. A player who does quite good DPS and dies very rarely to avoidable mechanics is the best prize a guild recruiter can find in their applicant pool. Because a raid full of those players, even if none of them are at the top of worldwide log rankings, is going to succeed at what matters. They’re going to win boss encounters.


Well another PvP season has ended achievements and mounts have been awarded to the dedicated. Bodies line the streets and the conquerors leave the field of battle knowing that they have finally brought and end to the struggles between the two factions. heroes where named and the halls of honor are line with more statues of those that should never be forgotten.
But this is not the World of War and peace....... it's the world of warcraft and the arenas and BattleGrounds will not lay silent for long. There will be honor to be earned, legends to be made and marble waiting to take the form of new heroes. Will you step forward, will you sacrifice for the Alliance will you show the horde that HotA means Heroes of the Alliance

A new pvp season will start soon and I would like to add a RBG to the guild calendar for who ever would like to do that sort of thing.... We have quite a bit of interest already, we just need a few more. Below is a link to a Forum post were you can let us know how you feel about this. Please goto the forum and vote on the pole there even if you do not like pvp cast your vote as well so we can get a good idea of what the guild is thinking...

Realm Rank 71
Region Rank 12992
World Rank 22161
Hey hey Hota, Great to see its all going good for you all. All the best with Malkorok on Wed :)
Come ooooon sign for the achievement run. It's a shame the guild only misses a single achievement to get the guild mount reward!
hello HotA
I've got balls of steel!
petscore rankings have changed......
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