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We had 7 people who took part with 39 entries in total.   Below are the winners along with the share they won of the lottery.

1.    Sodagirl with 10 entries     -  25,650 gold

2.    Santaclause with 9 entries - 23,085 gold

3.    Ykc with 8 entries               - 20,520 gold

4.    Muzzleflash with 6 entries   - 15,390 gold

5.    Alshe with 4 entries             - 10,260 gold

6.    Sapdance with 1 entry         -   2,565 gold

7.     Mabeth with 1 entry            -   2,565 gold

We also had a surprise bonus, separate to the 100,000, which was to be awarded to the person or people who got all right.  

Sodagirl wins the bonus of 50,000 gold for getting all the days correct.  Congratulations!!

muzzleflash Congrats SODAGIRL

24th December 2015

Summa a posted Dec 24, 15

Final picture in the competition.  Winners will be announced on Christmas Day and as the picture says we wish you a Merry Christmas and hope you have a lovely day.

DAY CLOSED - This was The Maw of the Void in Darkshore and Sodagirl, Santa, Kfc and Muzz found this.  Well done to all of you.  This was the hardest one so far.  

muzzleflash yes thanks guys/gals still fun here in HotA..
Natacha Thanks to our awesome officers <3 Merry Christmas it was fun <3
notlad big thanks to Sum and Hjem for going to all the trouble of organising this competition must say was great fun! ho ho ho....

23rd December 2015

Summa a posted Dec 23, 15

Please remember that the idea behind this competition is to recreate the picture we post.  Some people are getting so creative thye're making an entirely different picture!!  There are no prizes for doing that!

DAY CLOSED.  This was a ship in the sea by Northwatch Hold, Barrens.  

Sodagirl, Santa, Kfc and Muzz correctly identified this. 

22nd December 2015

Summa a posted Dec 22, 15

This one is up a bit earlier tonight.  I'm tired and need to log, so you get an extra half an hour.

DAY CLOSED.  This was taken on a platform in Isle of Thunder.  Sodagirl, Kfc, Santa and Muzz got this one right today.

21st December 2015

Summa a posted Dec 21, 15

Just four days left to get your share of 100,000 gold

DAY CLOSED:  This was a statue on the Virnall River in Uldum.  I had originally intended to go to one of the instances/raids there, but found this on the way.

Sodagirl, Santa and Kfc got this right and Muzz if you wish to resubmit your screenshot I will accept it, but please do not post any more with the location shown.

muzzleflash my deepest apologies, as a self appointed punishment for my most silly mistake i shall deposit 5k in the bank to add to ...
Hey ppl
merry christmas
Happy Birthday Summa!!
Thank you Summa <3 :) I do still have a great day ^_^
Happy Birthday Tacha!!
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