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FFS Healer!!!

Summa a posted Jul 18, 15

Following my recent experience healing lower level dungeons, I thought I should write a guide to looking for group from the healers perspective.

Firstly, do not expect anyone to know what they're doing, least of all the tanks. Who needs to know boss tactics? Just rush in, right? After all if you die, it has to be the healers fault and then you should utter those immortal words that all healers love to hear "ffs healer" Just because you, as healer, told the tank not to pull when the boss has a certain buff, do not expect him to listen.

As a dps, NEVER hit the same target as the tank and if you can then try and all run around individually and pull as much as you can, so the healer has three "tanks" to heal. Then when the healer choses to heal the assigned tank and the dps dies, don't forget to utter those words "ffs healer".

ALWAYS make sure that you all stand in as much crap as you can find and don't worry if you see your health dropping alarmingly quickly, the healer will spam heal you and if they don't, don't forget "ffs healer"

At all oportunities try and run as far as away from the healer as you possibly can. If you can find a corner to run around, then do it. Stairs work just as well. Don't let it worry you that you don't seem to be being healed and don't forget "ffs healer" when you die.

If you have a speed buff, always use it at every opportunity to get away from the group and healer and then pull the boss when you're so far ahead you're practically in a different instance, so the healer can watch your health drop and be so far away, they arrive in time to res you and mourn your death and don't forget "ffs healer"

And above all, don't EVER forget that it's the healer's fault and make sure you spend the dungeon being rude to the healer, who can't reply becaue if she does, then people will die while she's typing.

hjemmerdahl a Also, dont forget the following: If you are a hunter, use barrage at every turn, because the tank, regardless of class, ...
Igelkott Haha, could not have said it better myself ...


After (major understatement incoming) a few tries on Blackhand, the grumpy big orc is finally dead! The guild management wants to thank everyone that was present yesterday in the raid and to all the raiders that made the previous clears possible. We now have a full clear in BRF and starting this Wednesday – we will be moving onto HC BRF so sharpen your blades, fluff up your healing and get ready to pew on a noticeably harder difficulty!

Summa a I just want to say how proud I am of you all for clearing BRF normal with the last three boss kills all in one week. Es ...

HC Highmaul Cleared!!

Summa a posted Feb 2, 15

We now have a full clear on Highmaul hc.  Big gz to the team who killed Imperator Mar'Gok last night.  Well done to everyone involved with getting us to this point.  

On Wednesday we have a new raid in our calendar, Blackrock Foundry.  If you have an ilevel of 645 and would like to join us, please sign up.  



Lynna Make sure to read up on tactics and watch the videos on youtube! We will have a quick recap before the fights but you sh ...


After our first official raid I got spammed by a lot of your questions. Even though I tried my best to answer all of you – it was really late so I probably skipped a few. So – to try and recap everything I'm writing down this FAQ so you can always reference to it and if there are any lose ends or more stuff you're unclear with – feel free to ask me or any of the officers ingame. You absolutely need to have 2 extra add-ons if you want to raid with us. The first one is EPGP Reloaded that lets you see the EP/GP ration of every guild/raid member, and the other is EPGP Lootmaster that lets you roll on the loot in the raid. If you don't have the add-ons – you won't be eligible for the loot.

Lynna Since we did a full clear on normal - we won't be awarding extra EPs for boss kills on normal. You will still be awarded ...
Zodiac1988 Really nice post here lynna! Awesome describing! *Hands you a cookie*


Summa a posted Jan 12, 15
Last night we got a full clear on normal Highmaul and two bosses down on hc.  Well done to those involved.  

Very cool website
Good Job..
ONLY 3 bosses left on HC in BRF ! GJ guys ! Let's keep going ! <3
cant make a post, but idk what to do about this, But im sry but i have left the guild. And i cant really think what to do about it now, its been a very fun time the past years :sick:, since pandaria hope it will be better soon in the guild :sick:. mv: Cont
Happy birthday Lynna
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