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After our first official raid I got spammed by a lot of your questions. Even though I tried my best to answer all of you – it was really late so I probably skipped a few. So – to try and recap everything I'm writing down this FAQ so you can always reference to it and if there are any lose ends or more stuff you're unclear with – feel free to ask me or any of the officers ingame. You absolutely need to have 2 extra add-ons if you want to raid with us. The first one is EPGP Reloaded that lets you see the EP/GP ration of every guild/raid member, and the other is EPGP Lootmaster that lets you roll on the loot in the raid. If you don't have the add-ons – you won't be eligible for the loot.

Lynna ao Since we did a full clear on normal - we won't be awarding extra EPs for boss kills on normal. You will still be awarded ...
Zeynias Really nice post here lynna! Awesome describing! *Hands you a cookie*


Summa a posted Jan 12, 15
Last night we got a full clear on normal Highmaul and two bosses down on hc.  Well done to those involved.  

Raid awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill

Volumes have been written on how to do good DPS, healing, or tanking. If you raid or want to raid at an intermediate or high level, I imagine you have long immersed yourself in that discourse already. But most important, I suspect, is a widespread impression that I hope to refute in this post: that your awareness and survivability in raids is a part of who you are as player and cannot be changed.

You Are Your DPW: Deaths Per Week

"You guys keep dying in the shadow realm. I don’t die in the shadow realm. You just need to play better. That’s my current assessment of the strategy.”


The MVP(Most Valuble Player) of your raid group isn't the person at the top of the DPS meter; it’s the person who hasn't died by standing in fire in 3 months. Doing elite DPS is rare, but doing quite good DPS is somewhat common. A player who does quite good DPS and dies regularly to avoidable mechanics is nothing special. A player who does quite good DPS and dies very rarely to avoidable mechanics is the best prize a guild recruiter can find in their applicant pool. Because a raid full of those players, even if none of them are at the top of worldwide log rankings, is going to succeed at what matters. They’re going to win boss encounters.



Summa a posted Aug 26, 14
We finally downed Garrosh on 10 man normal tonight and I would like to say on behalf of myself and Vadar how proud we are of the team that downed him and of the guild and all it's members for all your hard work in getting us to this point.  

The team was:  Apyors, Bobbytza, Callmetiny, Footinbutt,  Lynna, Niwatori, Psyker, Summa, Theveneficus and Thoriusdk 

Calling all guild members!!

Summa a posted Jul 25, 14

Hota is offering a bounty on Garrosh's head of 50,000 gold to the team that can finally down him on normal 10 man before WoD.  Split between the team this will mean a bounty of 5k per team member.

1.  It must be a guild group, so must have at least 8 members of the guild in it.
2.  If you wish to take part, please register your team on this site, just the names will do.
3.  We want to see screenshots of the kill.
4.  The team must not interfere with any scheduled raids.
5.  But after our raid on Friday, there are at least four days until reset of raids, so plenty of time to form      your group to kill Garrosh.  
6.  You may use saves from guild raids to achieve the Garrosh kill.
4.   The first team to get us this kill and give Hota a full clear in 10 man normal before WoD, will receive the bounty.

If you have any queries, please whisper myself or an officer ingame.

Happy hunting.

happy birhtday hairy bear lucy! :sick:
Happy birthday Lucy!! :sick:
Imperator Mar'gok kill video posted on ze forums!
Highmaul is aint untill tomorrow Bean, but thx :sick:
Bit late in the day but all the best in Highmaul :sick:
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